07 1 / 2012

Follow my brother’s clothing line- mdRn! 


04 5 / 2011

Jessie J Price Tag 

03 5 / 2011

Anonymous said: What would you name your future son? Daughter? You and Tyler would make the most beautiful babies in the world.

Ii can not lie, I have definitely thought about kids names. I think most girls do, but I have no clue what I would name my kids lol. haha thanks though! 

02 5 / 2011

I forgot about tumblr. i havent written on here in forever. and i need to. i really need to vent. but unfortunately i havent had time. these next few weeks are insane. i am just hoping they go over smoothly. 

20 4 / 2011

"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition."

Josie Andrews’ status

19 4 / 2011

Anonymous said: What is your favorite dessert? Do you cook?

I am a terrible cook. I just like chocolate so anything chocolate sounds good to me. No one in my family cooks, I basically eat sushi every night

19 4 / 2011

Anonymous said: if you could have one thing, what would it be?

that i do not already have? It would be to be able to sing for a living. sorry i know i keep editing this. but i really want to sing, and travel and help children all over the world. I know this sounds really cliche but its true. There is this organization called free the children that i work with. It is amazing. Sorry that isnt one. its three but yea lol

19 4 / 2011

Anonymous said: What is one thing you find annoying that comes with you being popular?

I dont know what you mean by popular i guess. But i guess one thing that really annoys me, is that people judge/judged me on people i hang/hung out with’s behavior. I wish people in general including me weren’t scared to get to know people without assuming things first. 

19 4 / 2011

sabordeflor said: How was Mexico? I hope you got a chance to relax!

I leave tomorrow. Its so nice! except that i am so sun burned. My whole chest is broken out in hives because of the sun lol. So right now i am loading up on aloe lol 

19 4 / 2011